Setting Up Hack-Proof Passwords

  • December 23, 2015
  • Mortgage Loan

PasswordIt’s a sad state of affairs—but millions of passwords have been stolen as recently as last week!

So, someone did a study on HOW we choose our passwords in the first place…
and here’s what NOT TO DO:

• Don’t use the same password across multiple websites.
• Don’t use security questions that anyone can find out about you.
o I.E. hometown, pet’s name, birth or wedding date
• Don’t use “remember me” options on your computer if using a public Wi-Fi.
• Don’t use common passwords:
o I.E. “123456” or “password.”
Here are some ways to keep your passwords secure:

• Create longer passwords!
o It’s recommended that you use a minimum of 10 characters, including numbers and symbols.

• Use a phrase, song or book title.
o If the combo of letters and number is difficult to remember, use something easier to recall. Book title: GoneWithTheWind. Song title: ChickenFried. Phrase: Iamawesome.

• Store passwords in a secure place
o A handwritten cheat sheet is okay, but don’t store them in a doc on your computer.

• Use a Password Manager
o You’ll find online services to store all your User Names and Passwords. They are encrypted and all you need is one master password to access all your other info.